Expected Release: April 14 - 21

New Mini Widgets

We are adding 3 new mini widgets as well as 1 new size for mini spending.  Bubble Budgets, Accounts, and Transactions are now available in 400 x 400 sizes.  Mini-Spending has been adjusted from the 250 x 450 size to also fit within a 400 x 400 frame.

Clients who implement mini widgets will need to provide a link next to the iframe so the user can access the master widget for full functionality.


The spending wheel has been adjusted to fit in a 400 x 400 frame.  The toggle to view income has also been added.

Bubble Budgets

Bubble budgets displays several tiers of data allowing a user to drill all the way into transactions.


Mini-accounts shows a scrolling account list of all the users accounts.  A smaller version of account details shows when a user clicks on an account.


Transactions show the default 30 days and allows the user to adjust the timeframe.  A smaller version of transaction details shows when a user clicks on a transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a user get from the mini widget to the master widget?

We recommend that clients provide a link to their implementation of the master widget next to the iframe for the mini widgets.  This gives the user quick access to full functionality available in the master widget.

What will users see if they have never used MoneyDesktop?

A user must be created in order to open a widget.  Because of this, we recommend clients implement the SSO and Terms and Conditions when a user logs into online banking.  If users cannot be created when logging into online banking a place holder will need to be displayed instead of calling the widget.


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