Helios 2.24 Release

Release Window: July 24 – 28

What's Fixed

  • Jumpy behavior when tapping an input field
  • A bug that crashed the app when tapping into Net Worth on some devices
  • A bug that made webviews zoom in automatically
  • A bug that prevented the MFA prompt from displaying quickly

What's New

  • Mark an account as closed
  • Check image validation on apps with remote deposit
  • Improved WideNet login views
  • Re-designed Notifications view
  • More intuitive flow and design of all money movement flows

Mark account as closed

Often when an account is closed, users prefer not to delete the account from the app so that the transactional data remains. Marking an account as closed sets the balance to zero and displays the account as closed in the main accounts list.

Check image validation

When depositing a check using manual capture, if the quality of the image fails to meet certain criteria, a warning message will be displayed on the “Review Deposit” screen which informs the user that the deposit may fail. This looks for two things: whether the image is blurry and whether all four edges of the check are detected. The user then has the option to either retake the image(s) or submit the deposit.


The WideNet login now includes two tabs: “Guest Login” and “Create a Login.” This makes the options more clear for both returning users and first-time users. By default, the “Create a Login” tab will be active if it is the first time this view has been visited on a device. This new layout also better distinguishes the WideNet login view from the Member login view to avoid confusion.


The Notifications list has been completely redesigned. They are now displayed more simply in their own view. The new design makes it easier to distinguish budget and spending notifications from account notifications, as well as making it easier to know when each notification took place. The notifications are still accessed from the dashboard by tapping the bell icon in the top left corner.

Money Movement

There is now a high-level overview displayed before users begin making transfers or scheduling payments. This sets expectations for users up front as to what functionality is available and what steps are needed to complete a transfer. It also provides a more logical place to include user preferences, help or FAQ links, Reg D messaging, and other types of information early on in the process.

Other Enhancements

  • Improvements to how Spending trends are displayed when in landscape orientation
  • Updated how hidden accounts are displayed in the Accounts list
  • Layout improvements on the login view
  • Dashboard icon is now a pencil icon on the “Customize Dashboard” button