Mini Widgets

Sunset of V1 mini widgets

On August 1, 2017, MX will no longer support V1 of our mini widgets (Accounts, Transactions, Spending, and Budgets). All clients will be migrated to V2 on that day.

For clients using V1 Mini Spending and Mini Budgets, no further integration will be required. At this time, MX does not offer a V2 for Mini Accounts and Mini Transactions.

New Mini Budgets

V2 of Mini Budgets is now available. Its flexible layout allows it to easily fit into online banking dashboards to drive better engagement with digital money management (DMM) tools.

Accounts Widget

The updated Accounts widget is now in internal opt-in beta. It will be released to clients on July 31.

All previous functionality remains, with a few upgrades.

  • User accounts are now featured in a list view and grouped by account type.
  • Account Details now features easier-to-view transactions for a selected month.
  • The Account History chart has been updated to show a summation of debits and credits instead of a balance. This shows spending and income trends more accurately.

Trends Widget

The Trends widget — which includes revised colors and styles — is now in internal beta. It will be released to clients on July 31.

Additional Fixes

  • Fixed bugs
  • Category Selector — redesign
  • Cash Flow — changes to optimize “Mark as Paid” flow