MX Widgets

What's fixed

  • Various bugs
  • Accessibility improvements to Connect and Connections widget
  • Visual polish

What's new

  • The new Accounts and Trends widgets are now available at desktop resolutions.
  • Selecting date ranges is now easier

Upcoming changes:

  • Refreshed versions of several widgets will be available in early September.


The new Accounts widget was released to clients on July 31. All previous functionality remains, with a few upgrades.

  • User accounts are now featured in a list view and grouped by account type.
  • Account Details now features easier-to-view transactions for a selected month.
  • The Account History chart has been updated to show a summation of debits and credits instead of a balance. This shows spending and income trends more accurately.
  • Users will now check a box to mark an account as a business account. This adds the “Business” tag to all transactions in that account.


The new Trends widget — which includes revised colors and styles — was released July 31.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from changing the minimum payment and APR fields for debt payoffs.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from splitting transactions in increments smaller than a dollar.
  • Users have a new preset tag — “Business” — for marking a transaction as business-related. Marking an account as business in the Accounts widget will add this tag to all transactions in that account.

Cash Flow

  • Fixed a bug that caused cash events to display one day after their actual date.

Connect and Connections

We made several accessibility improvements within these widgets.

  • Organized content using heading tags wherever applicable
  • Made several improvements for users that rely on screen readers and/or alternative input devices.
  • Improved labeling on form elements.

Date range selectors

  • Selecting large date ranges now requires fewer clicks. We’ve also added preset date ranges: “Year to Date” and “Last Year.”

Upcoming changes

In early September, we’ll be done with a refresh across all our widgets. They’ll have a better look and feel — as well as improvements in usability. This final transition will affect the following widgets:

  • Debts
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Notifications
  • Master widget