Helios 2.25 Release

Release Window: August 21 – 25

What's Fixed

  • More text visible in MFA modal window
  • A bug in transaction details that added an empty space at the top of the window
  • Smoothed transitions into and out of the help function
  • Overlapping links on some small screens
  • Last four account digits now properly display in the Payments feature
  • A bug in “Slide to Submit” button in Payments

What's New

  • Live chat
  • Accessibility
  • Several enhancements to money movement features
  • Added zero state to Payments history

Live chat integration and plugin support

Support for third parties and their plugins has been greatly improved. Integration with these services is simpler and more straightforward.

One integration that clients may want to take advantage of is a service called LivePerson. LivePerson allows for instant communication between financial institution and their users via a simple chat interface — all within the app. Users can request information or ask questions to representatives in real time without having to go to a branch.


The app now supports several voice commands for users that are visually impaired. Users can log in, check balances, and get a list of their most recent transactions — all using their voice.

Additional accessibility improvements in Transfers and other money movement features will be available in the near future.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved WideNet login experience
  • Animations from the Notifications window
  • More obvious icon to depict current location
  • Made height of sub-rows consistent for filtered lists in Transactions
  • Better experience when no network is available
  • More intentional masking on email usernames (WideNet only)
  • Connection status details for external accounts in institution details views
  • Notification setting enhancements for push notifications
  • Improved readability of warning messages when making deposits
  • Polish for Transfers
  • Polish for Payments